Mattias Hansson

I have a vast specialized experience within the Energy sector as an energy broker, both in electricity trading and energy utilization. I have achieved higher education in both economics and technology.

The following is an extract from my Curriculum Vitae.

Mattias Hansson becomes part-owner and Managing Director of MH Energioptimering AB with the goal of developing, expanding and taking the company to the next level by providing our customers with a complete comprehensive service thanks to our knowledge, expertise and wide contact network from the energy sector.

2009 - 2013
Sales Manager for Eneas Energy AB who are specialists in advanced energy utilization and efficiency. Was a large part in helping the company become one of the markets best - placing them amongst the largest EPC-businesses, developed and established new energy services.

2004 - 2009
Energy broker for Bergen Energi AB. Specializing in risk minimizing and developing electricity trading policies. Driven to secure the best electricity tendering deals and electricity contracts. Solely responsible for the majority of the Pan-European electricity deals.

2000 - 2004
Key Accountant Manager at Fiberdata AB. Responsible for establishing the XDSL-technic for energy companies and the building of large city networks and integration of IP-telephones and data communications. It was here I spent time working with energy companies and learning how they work with their customers.

1997 - 2000
Accountant Manager at CityData AB.   Designed and built up canals of distribution for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and advanced applications within mechanics, energy, construction and architecture. Previous 1997 Employed by various companies within wholesale such as goldsmiths, Europe's largest TM company, worked for a printing and packaging company, an active social worker and studied law, economy and technic.