About us

Mälardalen Invest AB is founded. The business started off by offering real estate companies economic services such as investment placement of bank loans, simulating future financial scenarios by using in-house developed tools and methods, while also providing consultancy services such as Economic and Accounts Manager.

Develops an analytical tool that helps analyze possibilities in reducing fixed costs of energy bills. This product optimizes the net costs of electricity subscriptions. After time the service has evolved to include the analysis of energy taxes and water meters.

Reaches over 100 customers.

MH Energioptimering AB is founded as a subsidiary company to Mälardalen Invest AB. Whereby all services involving energy were transferred.

Mattias Hansson with his years of experience as an energy broker becomes partner and managing director to develop, expand and take the company to the 'next level'. A level that gives a complete service to our customers, thanks to our knowledge and our wide range of contacts that we have obtained from throughout the energy sector.

Our business idea expands to 'Best Energy Management on the Market', providing a service that the energy market desires. Being neutral and independent with full transparency, with experience from all business areas, in an energy market with the same financial interests as you. Finally!

Reaches over 200 customers.

The company develops to start cooperating with energy companies. MH helps both energy companies and their end customers with energy taxes and energy efficiency.

A generational change is made successfully and Mattias Hansson takes over as full-owner from the position as a half-owner since 2013. Hans Fagerberg will continue to support MH Energi as a consultant. 
The next step in development is taken and Henrik Sandsten, with nearly 30 years of experience from energy efficiency as an VVS-engineer and energy expert, joins our team. More savings opportunities for our customers!