Grid Optimization

Optimizing your energy costs - leads to financial savings, 1-5 swedish öre/kwh and year

  • Don't pay too much for your fixed costs (resetting of your subscriptions), excellent opportunity to test us whilst obtaining the relative documents to proceed with energy savings.
  • No risk guarantee! If we are unable to discover any savings our services come at no cost. You save time, money and energy.
  • Max two hours work for you, and we don't do anything without your approval. 
  • We analyze all electricity subscriptions, electricity consumption, capacity, tariffs etc. assessment to discover suitable cost saving subscriptions, tariffs and fuses. The list of suitable subscriptions is presented for your approval.
  • We take responsibility for making certain that the whole process from coordinating electricians, recording of data and supplying the necessary materials needed is completed. We take the implementation costs. 
    Our analysis also gives us opportunity to identify any invoicing errors that have been made.

Electricity Certificate

How is your company registered by the Energy Authority and the Swedish Tax Office (Skatteverket)? Does your company have the right to lowered quota duties? Is your company classed as a manufacturer by the Swedish Energy Authority and the Swedish Tax Office (Skatteverket)? We are extremely thorough as we examine the potential for your company to be registered as an electric intensive manufacturing company. 

There are many questions that must be examined eg. Refining and Processing Worth in the manufacturing process and what percentage of the company can be classed as manufacturing? According to law a company can be registered for three years in concession and then a new claim can be made.
What saving potential can be discovered at your company?

Electricity Contracts

Our goal is to obtain for your company the best electricity contract deal possible (whether it's spot price, fixed rate or financial management), of course taking the wishes and goals of your company into consideration. As our customer your business is always in focus and we are only paid by your business and no one else. Our negotiation skills and success comes thanks in part to you the customer and all our previous customers and colleges that we have had the privilege to work with who have brought to the table their expertise in this sector. This brings a certain special sense of security to all future customers. Allowing MH Energi Optimering to be responsible for the following will mean big savings for your company:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Finding the best supplier that meets the needs of your company
  • Negotiation in competitive discussions

This minimizes costly mistakes that harm your business and as your partner we will also save you time and effort. We can honestly claim that there are no agencies in this field of business that can compete with our successful background and experience and that can offer such an all round complete service that can supply your company's every need. We treat your property, money and time as our own.

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